Pretty, Toned Legs

Even though it is starting to get too cold for short shorts & mini skirts, it is never too early to start working on making those legs HOT for the spring.  Todays workout is designed with your lower body in mind.  Goodbye cellulite, goodbye saddle bags, and hello gorgeous legs!

Workout: You will complete each exercise 1 set and then do 15 step ups on each leg. You will then go back to the exercise you did before the step ups and complete that exercise for 1 more set. Move on to the next exercise.

Equipment: Mat, 1 set medium weights or resistance band

Level: Intermediate, Advanced & Advanced BarBellies

Time: 19 minutes

Squats with straight arms
Adductor Leg Raises (on hands and knees)
Reverse Bridge leg extensions (while positioned on heels)
Resistance band Pulse Lunges with arms straight up
Seated straight leg raises
Wall Sits

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