Intense Fat Burning Workout

Complete these exercises: then in btw each exercise, compete 1 min of high knees OR 1 minute pop squats, then 1 minute bridge/plank

Warm up jog 50 yds

75 Pushups- start on feet, then drop to knees
25 Pullups- remember how to do these, need a partner and one person lays on ground w legs flat and other girl stands over the top of her at her waist. Grab each others hands and the girl on the ground pulls herself up as far as she can off ground. To make easier, bend your knees.
25 each side jump lunges
50 Squats
50 mountain climbers-each side
15 Walking planks each side
50 one legged deadliest- each leg
50 Sit ups or Throwdowns
25 Squat Thrusts
25 supermans
15 each side- side lunges
15 lateral shoulder raise (need partner to push arms down for resistance)
10 jump squats
10 frog jumps
10 ab V ups- alternating each side

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