Get Unstable

Ever feel like you are in a workout rut?  Push past fitness plateaus with these fun balance and strength moves using your Bosu ball, step, or balance disk.  These 9 exercises will help push you out of your comfort zone and into a whole new workout world.  Have fun and enjoy your weekend!

Workout: You will complete each exercise of the 9 exercises for 1 set. Then, you will complete the Boost Your Brain Power cardio workout that was posted Sept 21.

Equipment: Mat, medium weights, box/stool/step/bosu ball.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & BarBellies

Time: 24 minutes

Bosu Walking Planks (Beginners and BarBellies perform on knees, Intermediate and Advanced on toes)
Quad Supermans on top of Bosu or disc
Flipped Bosu lunges with Bicep curl
Reverse Bridge with leg extension
Bosu Plank walkovers
Burpee (Beg & BarBellies-modified by stepping back, Intermediate & Advanced- jump back w both legs)
Bosu Knee to Elbow twists
Step ups with knee up & into reverse lunge
Standing Lateral leg raises- balanced (if you don’t have a disc/bosu, use the ground and do not touch moving leg to the floor)

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