Benefits of Prenatal Exercise

Are you expecting a baby? Thinking about having a baby one day? Maybe not in the super near future, but you should definitely remember some of these benefits of prenatal exercise. I am now 33 weeks pregnant and I have been keeping up with my exercise 5/6 days each week. Yes, I do get funny looks from people when I am out jogging, or when I walk into a spin class. Women whisper about me, men ask if I am taking all of the proper precautions……..I just nod my head yes and get on with my business.
I also eat healthy, for the most part :o) I believe that the exercise has helped me stay within the recommended weight limits, not retain water, help me feel better both mentally and physically, and help me to sleep better at night. I can honestly say that I believe exercise truly helped me have a fun, healthy pregnancy.
Here are my tips on the reasons you SHOULD exercise while pregnant:

  • Labor and delivery MIGHT be easier (I don’t know this for a fact……..yet, but I am keeping my fingers crossed)
  • You will lower your risk for gestational diabetes
  • You will most likely keep your blood pressure down, preventing pre-eclampsia
  • You’re likely to gain less weight
  • You’re less likely to be constipated
  • You probably won’t have a sore, achy back
  • You are probably more flexible and able to bend over to pick things up
  • You will have more energy
  • You are more likely to have a baby that will be active and not obese later in life
  • You will lose the baby weight quicker after Baby is born
  • You will get more positive attention as to how you look
  • You might not have to experience the morning sickness
  • You will probably not have to deal with leg swelling
  • You could possibly have a shorter delivery (I’ll keep ya posted on this one!)
  • You’ll bounce back faster after delivery
  • You are more likely to be fit and healthy during your middle age years
  • You will definitely sleep better
  • You’re more likely to avoid depression
  • Exercise helps your immune system so you are less likely to catch that cold
  • You’ll look/feel better
  • Exercising can help you feel more in control…..something you don’t have much of with your body while pregnant

And last but not least

  • Helps your boost your mood and positive attitude!

**Remember, ALWAYS check with your doctor. Each doctor is different and you may need to follow a more strict program.

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